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Balance Knee OM8

Balance Knee OM8


Balance Knee OM8 is a mechanical polycentric knee joint with adjustable axle geometry. It is adjustable to the individual needs of the user – from more safety to higher dynamics.

Benefits of Balance Knee OM8

  • Actuation time can be adjusted to suit the user
  • Adjustable swing phase for a harmonious gait
  • Higher ground clearance for a safer and more confident gait
  • Highly acute flexion angle for more freedom of movement

Impact Levels

Impact LevelExample


Daily activities involving gentle, steady walking with the use of a walking aid.

Example: Moving around at home, modest walking in the community.

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Balance Knee OM8 Specifications

Balance™ Knee OM8 Product Information
Warranty Information
Amputation Level:


Impact Level: Low
Maximum Patient Weight: 136kg
Weight Of Knee: 450g (0.99lbs)
Knee Flexion: 160°