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Why Wear an Unloader Brace?

The Unloader Braces, Unloader FIT and Unloader One are built upon the same design that has been clinically proven to alleviate the pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee.

  • Unloader braces are both lightweight and easy to put on and wear under everyday clothing.
  • The proprietary dual Dynamic Forces Strap system provides rapid pain relief and can easily be adjusted by means of simple SmartDosing™ dial(s).
  • They are suitable for all levels of activity.
  • Unloader brace can be used in-conjunction with weight loss, physical therapy, exercise, pain medications or injections

Unloader One: Low-Profile Brace Option

Steadman Phillipon Research Results

Reported reduction in medication use at 6 months

Pain Medications
25% of patients reported a reduction in the use of Pain Medications.1
OTC Anti-Inflammatorie
31% of patients reported a reduction in the use of Over-The-Counter (OTC) Anti-Inflammatories.1
Prescription Anti-Inflammatorie
35% of patients reported a reduction in the use of Prescription Anti-Inflammatories.1
  1. Briggs K, Matheny L, Steadman J. Improvement in Quality of Life with Use of an Unloader Knee Brace in Active Patients with OA: A Prospective Cohort Study. Journal of Knee Surgery. 2012.