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Validating products by clinical research

Össur advocates research-supported validation of the efficiency and functionality of  products. Below you can find a number of references to scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals on osteoarthritis of the knee, bracing and the effectiveness of the Unloader One.

Arthritis Research UK

Össur is supporting Arthritis Research UK, a charity leading the fight agains arthritis, and their experimental osteoarthritis center.

There, researchers will evaluate various characteristics of people suffering from osteoarthritis in order to better assess the condition’s mechanisms of action and identify the most appropriate interventions to relieve patients’ pain and restore mobility.


Research Papers

Briggs K, Matheny L, Steadman J.

Improvement in Quality of Life with Use of an Unloader Knee Brace in Active Patients with OA: A Prospective Cohort Study.

Journal of Knee Surgery. 2012

Kirkley A, Webster-Bogaert S, Litchfield R, Macdonald S, Amendola A, MaCalden R, Fowler P

The Effect of Bracing on Varus Gonarthrosis

Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, 81(4): 539-547, 1999.

Randomized, controlled clinical outcome study comparing the Generation II Unloader knee brace to a neoprene sleeve and to standard medical treatment, (NSAIDs or Acetaminophen, patient education and exercise), (n=119).

Results indicate that patients who have varus gonarthrosis experience a decrease in pain and improvement in disease specific quality of life with the use of an unloader  brace, in addition to standard medical treatment. The Unloader brace was more effect  than the neoprene sleeve.

Pollo FE, Otis JC, Backus SI, Warren RF, Wickiewicz TL

Reduction of Medial Compartment Loads with Valgus Bracing of the Osteoarthritic Knee.

American Journal of Sports Medicine, 30 (3): 414-421, 2002.

Prospective cohort  study measuring the load sharing capabilities of the Generation II Unloader knee brace and estimation of its effect on medial compartment force in patients with medial OA, (n=11).

Results indicate that adjustable valgus bracing (Unloader) was effective in reducing medial compartment load and subsequent pain while also improving knee function in patients with osteoarthritis.

Pollo FE, Wright, RW

Knee bracing for Unicompartmental Osteoarthritis.

Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 14:5-11, 2006.

A meta-analysis revealed that knee bracing for osteoarthritis may effectively relieve pain and improve function. Braces that reduce excessive loading on the  damaged portion of the knee have been proven to be valid brace designs (Unloader brace).

Hillstrom HJ, Brower DJ, Bhimji S, McGuire J, Whitney K, Snyder H,   Zonay L, Clayburne G, Sieck M, Schumacher HR

Assessment of Conservative Realignment Therapies for the Treatment of Varus Knee Osteoarthritis.

Gait & Posture, 11(2): 170-171, 2000.

Prospective, randomized  clinical outcomes study evaluating the efficacy, biomechanical gait analysis and changes to joint pathophysiology using the Generation II Unloader knee brace with and without in-shoe foot orthoses for the treatment of varus knee osteoarthritis (n=15).

Results indicate that valgus knee bracing, (Unloader), and neutral position foot orthoses, significantly improve lower extremity biomechanics during gait, ADLs and pain assessments in varus knee OA patients.

Horlick, SG, Loomer, RL

Valgus Knee Bracing for Medial Gonarthrosis.

Clinical  Journal of Sports Medicine, 3:251-255, 1993.

Randomized double cross-over study evaluating pain and function in patients with medial compartment gonarthrosis (n=39).

Results indicate that valgus bracing, using the Generation II Unloader, can be a useful treatment modality for reducing pain in patients with medial gonarthrosis.

Birmingham, T. B., J. F. Kramer, A. Kirkley, J. T. Inglis, S. J. Spaulding, and A. A. Vandervoort.

Knee Bracing for Medial Compartment Osteoarthritis: Effects on Proprioception and Postural Control.

RHEUMATOLOGY 40, no. 3 (March 2001): 285–289.

Brittberg, M, and A Lennartsson.

The Use of the Generation II Unloader Knee Brace as a Treatment for The Osteoarthritic Knee Joint, 1998.

Davidson, Peter L., David J. Sanderson, and Richard L. Loomer.

Kinematics of Valgus Bracing for Medial Gonarthrosis: Technical Report.

Clinical Biomechanics (Bristol, Avon) 13, no. 6 (September 1998): 414–419.

Draper, E R, J M Cable, J Sanchez-Ballester, N Hunt, J R Robinson, and R K Strachan.

Improvement in Function after Valgus Bracing of the Knee. An Analysis of Gait Symmetry.

The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. British Volume 82, no. 7 (September 2000): 1001–1005.

Katsuragawa, Y, N Fukui, and K Nakamura.

Change of Bone Mineral Density with Valgus Knee Bracing

International Orthopaedics 23, no. 3 (1999): 164–167.

Lindenfeld, T.N., T.E. Hewett, and T.P. Andriacchi.

Joint Loading with Valgus Bracing in Patients with Varus Gonarthrosis.

Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research no. 344 (1997): 290–297.

Matsuno, H, K M Kadowaki, and H Tsuji.

Generation II Knee Bracing for Severe Medial Compartment Osteoarthritis of the Knee.

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 78, no. 7 (July 1997): 745–749.

Moyer, Rebecca F, Trevor B Birmingham, Colin E Dombroski, Robert F Walsh, Kristyn M Leitch, Thomas R Jenkyn, and J Robert Giffin.

Combined Effects of a Valgus Knee Brace and Lateral Wedge Foot Orthotic on the External Knee Adduction Moment in Patients with Varus Gonarthrosis.

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (September 17, 2012). doi:10.1016/j.apmr.2012.09.004.

Nadaud, Matthew C, Richard D Komistek, Mohamed R Mahfouz, Douglas A Dennis, and Matthew R Anderle.

In Vivo Three-Dimensional Determination of the Effectiveness of the Osteoarthritic Knee Brace: A Multiple Brace Analysis.

The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume 87 Suppl 2 (2005): 114–119. doi:10.2106/JBJS.E.00482.

Ramsey, Dan K, Kristin Briem, Michael J Axe, and Lynn Snyder-Mackler.

A Mechanical Theory for the Effectiveness of Bracing for Medial Compartment Osteoarthritis of the Knee.

The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume 89, no. 11 (November 2007): 2398–2407. doi:10.2106/JBJS.F.01136.

Richards, J D, J Sanchez-Ballester, R K Jones, N Darke, and B N Livingstone.

A Comparison of Knee Braces during Walking for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Medial Compartment of the Knee.

The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. British Volume 87, no. 7 (July 2005): 937–939. doi:10.1302/0301-620X.87B7.16005.

Toriyama, Minoru, Masataka Deie, Noboru Shimada, Takuya Otani, Hiroe Shidahara, Hiroshi Maejima, Hideki Moriyama, Hayatoshi Shibuya, Atsushi Okuhara, and Mitsuo Ochi.

Effects of Unloading Bracing on Knee and Hip Joints for Patients with Medial Compartment Knee Osteoarthritis.

Clinical Biomechanics (Bristol, Avon) 26, no. 5 (June 2011): 497–503. doi:10.1016/j.clinbiomech.2011.01.003.