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Unloader® Hip Case Studies

Key opinion leaders are incorporating the Unloader Hip into their treatment protocols to improve patient outcomes. Read their full case studies below:

Unloader Hip Case Studies

Dr. Todd P. Stitik

President, New Jersey Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

61 y.o. male presented with 6 months insidious onset right groin pain without preceding incident or trauma. He particularly noted pain upon leaning forward, stretching, and especially when he walked.

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Dr. Katherine L. Dec

VCU Health System Richmond, VA

Presents with left hamstring pain after 3 weeks into running training. Has marathon in 6 weeks. Past medical history includes prior left knee arthroscopy for partial medial meniscectomy.

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Dr. Femi Ayeni

McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) with hip osteoarthritis (OA). FAI, also known as hip impingement, is a condition that causes pain in the young adult’s hip and is the result of a mismatch in shape and size between the femoral head/neck and acetabulum (ball and socket joint of the hip).

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