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Unloader® Hip

Unloader® Hip


The Unloader Hip brace is designed to reduce pain by optimizing load dispersion and proprioceptive control for patients suffering from mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis (OA), thus contributing to hip stability and improved mobility.

Indications for use:

  • Mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis (OA)

Product highlights

  • Easy-To-Use The pocket wrap closure system and simple-to-tighten pulley system makes the Unloader Hip easy to use and adjust.
  • Optimum Comfort With its breathable Lycra material and elastic sections, the Unloader Hip provides a comfortable and snug fit - allowing a discreet fit under clothing.
  • Improved Mobility The Unloader Hip provides proprioceptive support through compression of the affected area. The Rotation Control Strap then allows individual adjustment of hip abduction and the external rotation force, resulting in improved mobility for users.

Now available: Expert Consensus | Implications of a Hip Unloader Brace in Recommended Hip OA Management: Who, when and how? View here »

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Addressing the need for those suffering from knee osteoarthritis for clinically proven treatment options that do not require surgery or use of painkillers, we now offer a dedicated website for people looking for high quality bracing options for knee pain.

Unloader® Hip Case Studies

Key opinion leaders are incorporating the Unloader Hip into their treatment protocols to improve patient outcomes. Read their full case studies below:

Unloader Hip Case Studies

Dr. Todd P. Stitik

President, New Jersey Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

61 y.o. male presented with 6 months insidious onset right groin pain without preceding incident or trauma. He particularly noted pain upon leaning forward, stretching, and especially when he walked.

Read Case Study

Dr. Katherine L. Dec

VCU Health System Richmond, VA

Presents with left hamstring pain after 3 weeks into running training. Has marathon in 6 weeks. Past medical history includes prior left knee arthroscopy for partial medial meniscectomy.

Read Case Study

Dr. Femi Ayeni

McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) with hip osteoarthritis (OA). FAI, also known as hip impingement, is a condition that causes pain in the young adult’s hip and is the result of a mismatch in shape and size between the femoral head/neck and acetabulum (ball and socket joint of the hip).

Read Case Study

Order Information

Unloader Hip - Men
Measure the hip circumference at the anterior superior iliac spine.
SizeMeasurements*Part number
Small 80-88 cm (31-35") B-465350031
Medium 88-96 cm (35-38") B-465350033
Large 96-104 cm (38-41") B-465350035
XLarge 104-114 cm (41-45") B-465350037
XXLarge 114- 124 cm (45-49") B-465350039
Unloader Hip - Women
*Measure the hip circumference at the anterior superior iliac spine.
SizeMeasurements*Part number
Small 80-88 cm (31-35") B-465350030
Medium 88-96 cm (35-38") B-465350032
Large 96-104 cm (38-41") B-465350034
XLarge 104-114 cm (41-45") B-465350036
XXLarge 114- 124 cm (45-49") B-465350038


Accessories - Trousers
FitSizePart number
Men Small B-465350078
Men Medium B-465350080
Men Large B-465350082
Men X-Large B-465350084
Men XX-Large B-465350086
Women Small B-465350077
Women Medium B-465350079
Women Large B-465350081
Women X-Large B-465350083
Women XX-Large B-465350085
Accessories - V2 Frame
SidePart number
Left B-249000051
Right B-249000052
Unloader Hip - Kits
DescriptionSizePart number
Rotation strap kit Universal B-465350064
Washbag kit Universal B-465350065
Trochanter pad kit Universal B-465350066
Thigh strap kit Small B-465350067
Thigh strap kit Medium B-465350068
Thigh strap kit Large B-465350069
Thigh strap kit X-Large B-465350070
Thigh strap kit XX-Large B-465350071
Bilateral kit Small B-465350072
Bilateral kit Medium B-465350073
Bilateral kit Large B-465350074
Bilateral kit X-Large B-465350075
Bilateral kit XX-Large B-465350076