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Backed by numerous clinical studies demonstrating its efficacy, Össur’s Unloader® is the industry standard for osteoarthritis bracing. With medical guidelines requiring bracing and other conservative treatments prior to surgery, why not try a non-invasive, non-pharmacological, clinically-proven option first?

Recommended Hip OA Management

Following Össur Academy's Hip Osteoarthritis Symposium, held earlier this year, a number of key physician leaders came together to develop expert consensus protocols for treating hip osteoarthritis among common patient populations.

To learn more about successful patient outcomes with the use of our Unloader Hip brace when managing Hip OA, please read our Unloader Hip case study, provided by Todd P. Stitik, MD. Read the full case study »

Össur Unloader Website

Addressing the need for those suffering from knee osteoarthritis for clinically proven treatment options that do not require surgery or use of painkillers, we now offer a dedicated website for people looking for high quality bracing options for knee pain.

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Unloader One on ESPN radio

Did you hear about the Unloader One on ESPN radio? Please send us an email at [email protected] to receive additional information and learn how you can be prescribed a brace or take a look at our information on OA, kneepain and available treating options.