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Flex is a viable post-op/functional rehab solution offering more versatility in both shape and function than most other options. Its heat-moldable, carbon composite frame accommodates edema and/or changes in leg shape during recovery from surgery, while its Accutrac® range-of-motion hinges provide flexion and extension control. Gel Fit™ condylar pads improve suspension and are comfortable for tender knees recovering from trauma.

  • ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities
  • Long-term use for post-op, rehab and functional support
  • Recommended for low to medium contact/impact
  • Sport model for lean, athletic legs

Order Information

FLEX-SR Right Small Caliper: 3.5 - 4"
Circumference: 11 - 12.625"
FLEX-SL Left Small
FLEX-MR Right Medium Caliper: 4 - 4.625"
Circumference: 12.625 - 14.5"
FLEX-ML Left Medium
FLEX-LR Right Large Caliper: 4.625 - 5.125"
Circumference: 14.5 - 16"
FLEX-LL Left Large
FLEX-XLR Right XLarge Caliper: 5.125 - 5.625"
Circumference: 16 - 17.625"
FLEX-XLL Left XLarge
*Caliper: M/L at joint width in a standard, weight-bearing position
Circumference: just below the distal border of the patella