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Techform® Premium

Techform® Premium


Techform Casting Tape was designed by and for orthopaedic casting professionals who look for a superior handling experience and a smooth, strong finished cast. It incorporates a patented rub-responsive formula that works with our unique fabric to produce the best finished cast you’ll ever see.

Order Information

Techform Premium Casting Tape
White (WH) 1.5" 154WH
White (WH) 2" 204WH
White (WH) 3" 304WH
White (WH) 4" 404WH
White (WH) 5" 504WH
Black (BLK) 2" 204BLK
Black (BLK) 3" 304BLK
Black (BLK) 4" 404BLK
Orange (OR) 2" 204OR
Orange (OR) 3" 304OR
Orange (OR) 4" 404OR
Red (RD) 2" 204RD
Red (RD) 3" 304RD
Red (RD) 4" 404RD
Pink (PK) 2" 204PK
Pink (PK) 3" 304PK
Pink (PK) 4" 404PK
Hot Pink (HP) 2" 204HP
Hot Pink (HP) 3" 304HP
Hot Pink (HP) 4" 404HP
Light Blue (LB) 2" 204LB
Light Blue (LB) 3" 304LB
Light Blue (LB) 4" 404LB
Dark Blue (DB) 2" 204DB
Dark Blue (DB) 3" 304DB
Dark Blue (DB) 4" 404DB
Purple (PR) 2" 204PR
Purple (PR) 3" 304PR
Purple (PR) 4" 404PR
Green (GN) 2" 204GN
Green (GN) 3" 304GN
Green (GN) 4" 404GN
Rainbow Box (RB)* 2" 204RB
Rainbow Box (RB)* 3" 304RB
Rainbow Box (RB)* 4" 404RB

Each box contains 10 individually-pouched, 4-yard rolls.

* Rainbow Box (RB) contains 2 rolls each of 5 different colors: light blue, dark blue, hot pink, red and black.