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Foot Covers Updated

We are pleased to announce the latest enhancements in our prosthetic foot covers offering. Foot covers play a key aesthetic as well as functional role in the complete prosthetic solution. They are essential for optimized pressure distribution during gait, leading to a natural roll-over. They minimize wear and tear caused by the friction of carbon fiber with the soft material of the sock and shoe, and they are the first layer of shock absorption of ground reaction forces in the prosthetic solution.

With the launch of the Pro-Flex foot, Össur upgraded foot covers to a lightweight anatomical version featuring a steady-grip sole for barefoot stability on wet or slick surfaces. On top of improved durability and lighter weight, the new covers have an enhanced look, softer feel, and a gripping sole which accommodates bare-foot walking.

We are now upgrading the foot cover to the same high quality standard for the following feet: Vari-Flex; LP Vari-Flex; Vari-Flex Modular; Re-Flex Rotate; Re-Flex Shock; Flex-foot Symes; Cheetah Xplore; Balance J; Flex-Foot Assure.

Important information for customers

Please note that items numbers have changed and that the foot cover is designed to be used with the recommended foot and spectra sock.

New item numbers

For Vari-Flex®, LP Vari-Flex®, Vari-Flex® Modular™, Re-Flex Rotate™ and Re-Flex Shock™, Flex-Symes™ and Cheetah® Xplore: FSE0xxL/R(BR); Black Spectra socks: FSEL60001 (for sizes 22-25), FSEL60002 (for size 26-30)

For Balance™ Foot J, Flex-Foot® Assure (excl size 19-21): FSL0xxL/R(BR) Black Spectra socks: FCX63022 (size 22-25), FCX63025 (size 26-30).

Xx=size: 22-30; L=Left, R=Right. Add BR for Brown

The footcover kit (FSE0xxL/R(BR) & FSL0xxL/R(BR)) include:

  • Foot Cover
  • Attachment Plate
  • Black Spectra Sock

FSL0 footcover kit is included in the foot kits for Balance J and Assure

If FSL0 will come with the current Pro-Flex black spectra sock which are other item numbers FCX63022 (size 22-25) and FCX63025 (size 26-30).

Discontinued item numbers:


Xx=size: 22-30; L=left, R=Right. Add BR for Brown

For more information, please contact your local Össur representative.